Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nature and Wild Life Photography

I have decided to focus my attention and photography on Nature and Wild Life also including Landscape and Seascapes. Although I'm taking a brake from people Photography I still have a strong passion for people and still think that our species is one of the most beautiful, the person themself sometimes are a bit overwhelming to deal with, I find as an Artist. I have always turned to Nature and Wildlife Photography to relax and I often go to the Beach to escape.

I added a Sigma 50-500mm lens with a 2x converter giving me 1000mm to my bag.
 On my first day out with my new lens I caught this beautiful,
 Double Crested Cormorant standing proud on a pole which appears to be the remains of a dock or bulkhead at the end of Reeds Beach, a spot I'm looking forward to visiting again soon.

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 While returning home from Reeds Beach, I decided to drive around to the hayfield behind our property that connects to some wetland woods, where the deer and wildlife are plentiful.
   Not prepared! carrying my large lens without a tripod, which what felt like almost immediately a large hawk  flew from an overhead Tree, I  couldn't get a shot off, the field was full of deer including a large Buck that I managed to get quite a few of not so good shots of ( a very good lesson learned on my first day out with my new lens) I decided to leave before scaring off the deer and not getting any good shots for it. I turned to go back to my car, and there was a doe looking right at me, I looked down at my camera for a second and she was gone. Next time out I'm going to find my spot, sit still and wait for the shots to come to me. Oh yeah I did manage to get something other then the valuable lessons, I walked away with chiggers what fun they are I was lucky to only get around 20 bits it could have been a lot worse.. but you know all in all, I had a very good day. Thanks for stopping by. Comments welcomed as always.

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